Here’s some work I’m proud of…

I’m currently a senior fashion writer for The Cut at New York magazine, where I’ve worked since 2017.

I wrote about how The RealReal is a total mess and I can’t quit it for New York‘s fall 2022 fashion issue.

I wrote about Anna Wintour’s shocking “go-to” lunch for Grub Street.

I ID’d every single little detail from Chloë Sevigny’s wedding for the Strategist. I also interviewed her while she was pregnant during lockdown for the Cut’s May 2020 digital cover.

I took that viral video of Larry David at NYFW and got the scoop.

I started a shopping advice column for the Cut called “Fashion Friend.”

I wrote about how the hottest thing in fashion is working in tech for New York‘s fall 2021 fashion issue.

I had an additional reporting byline on Stella Bugbee’s “Zizmorcore” cover story for New York‘s spring 2021 fashion issue, and worked on an accompanying roundup of the city’s most-worn, and most-coveted memorabilia.

I profiled “Gen Z’s It-boy,” Luka Sabbat for New York‘s spring 2019 fashion issue.

I went all the way to a lavender field in France to profile Jacquemus for New York‘s fall 2019 fashion issue.

I wrote the first feature story on Lil Miquela, an influencer with over a million followers — who isn’t real — for New York 2018 tech issue.

I coined the term “Hype Corridor” for New York in January 2018.

Sometimes I put on my critic goggles at the Cut, whether I’m reviewing runway shows or new mega-malls, or analyzing what politicians are wearing.

Part of my job is also noticing trends, like when everyone was dressing like they were in the Matrix, or when Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox wore ‘joots‘ on the same day. This goes for Instagram too.

I often interrogate aesthetics, especially ones that sound like gibberish.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Going Out Tops.

I flew to Los Angeles to talk to Justin Bieber’s stylist for New York‘s fall 2018 fashion issue.

I once got Tommy Hilfiger and the designers of Eckhaus Latta in the same room.

Back when I was at W magazine, I caught up with Paris Hilton and filmed a video in her house.

I also write about stuff besides fashion, too. I talked to New York’s most legendary bouncer for Grub Street. I reported a piece for New York about everyone saying they want to “eat the rich” on dating apps. I was one of the first to profile the “unhinged observers” of The Drunken Canal.

And in case you missed the saga unfold on Instagram, I also dropped my AirPods down a subway grate once and somehow got them back.

If you want to read everything I’ve ever written, (which you shouldn’t), here you go.